Hi! I’m Clara,

an animal communicator ready to help give a voice to your animal’s pain & joy as you become aware of their purpose & soul lessons they have with you  


I am Clara an animal communicator and the creator of the Above 540 community & passionate about helping you create a joyful relationship with your animals. Above 540 stands for the energetic vibration of JOY which is exactly what my goal is with the Above 540 community I am committed to growth, love, support & compassion as we discover and understand your animals purpose & soul lessons they have with you.



Create your own Mindscape Angel Healing Room 

I have created a powerful 3 hour zoom class to teach you how to create your own mindscape Angel healing room for yourself, your loved ones and of course your animals!

What will you learn?

How to use the angel healing room to assist your animals with...

🌟Behavioural problems such as anxiety, timidness, excessive barking,  over excitement 

🌟Animals absorb & transmute energy form their surroundings, their environment & their people. Which can become very overwhelming and lead to many behavioural & physical difficulties, so we will also learn to clear  their energy and assist them back into balance

🌟How to use energy and Angels to protect their energy throughout the day

🌟How to begin creating more positive outcomes & experiences

🌟Receive messages from our animals to create better connection & relationships

How to use the angel healing room to assist yourself & your loved ones with...

🌟 Provide relief from soul tiredness

🌟Clear personal, family & collective karmic patterns

🌟 How to use angels & energy with different areas of life such as relationships, health & finance

🌟 Assist with anxiety, overthinking, stress & creating personal boundaries using energy 

🌟Use energy & angels for your protection throughout the day

🌟 Begin to create more positive outcomes & experiences 

I this 3 hour zoom session I will break down into simple steps how to create & use your mindscape angel healing room in very powerful & profound ways that will impact your everyday life in positive ways as you pave good energy to ripple out into your future as well. 


Over the past 22 years of doing energy work the #1 thing I have been asked about is how I created and use my mindscape Angel Healing room, and how it works.

Finally I have created a powerful 3 hour zoom class to teach you all about it as you create your own to use for yourself, your loved ones and of course your animals!

If you join live there will be time for Q&A at the end of the call & the replay will be available for 30 days after the zoom call. 

JUNE 21ST @ 1:00 pm MST

Spaces limited so reserve your space TODAY!


 10-minute Mediation for fear & anxiety MP4

This is a 10-minute Mediation for fear & anxiety in your animal or yourself to find the peace within.


🌟Assists in finding peace 

🌟Allows you to begin

to create a new peaceful story with your animal

🌟Assists with your animal & yourself feeling grounded and peaceful 

🌟Offers an opportunity to connect to the joy you felt when you first chose each other

🌟Offers and opportunity to receive messages from your animal 


MP4 Meditation $11 

Animal communication & Angel cards

In this 5 week ONLINE live online mastermind class we will learn via a private Facebook group with Weekly Facebook live classes as well as plenty of opportunity to ask questions & practice the lessons each week. 


There are no pre recorded lessons they are all in real time online so we are able to work with the present energy.


What you will take away from these 5 weeks:


🌟Learn how to use angel cards to receive messages from your animal


🌟Learn how to understand the subtle but powerful language of the animal kingdom & the universe


🌟Become aware of your animals life purpose & soul lessons they have with you and how to work through them with ease and grace


🌟How to connect with your heart centre and create a stronger connection with your animal


🌟Options for energy clearing for yourself & your animal


🌟Online community to practice what you have learned 



In this online learning space we have the unique opportunity to learn many ways to connect and communicate with your animals.  This class will be in real time so we are able to learn as a group and be interactive for 5 weeks of weekly classes and then 5 weeks of practice.  

5 week online class $133




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