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Welcome to my Above 540 page.  

I have been a spiritual teacher for many years and at the basis of all my teaching is being able to quiet your mind to let go, reset & allow in solution based ideas.


The #1 thing I heard is "I can't meditate cause my mind is too busy" This is why I came back into the simplicity of using creating & colouring to effortlessly quiet a busy mind which naturally create balance within and easily opens up new solutions to pop into your mind with ideas.

20 years ago I started my meditation practice and I said the same thing I hear from so many people “I can’t meditate cause my mind is too busy” but I just started where I was with the noisy chatter and all. 10 seconds of meditation took me me almost 3 months to achieve and then I moved up to 1 min and that took me a while and now 20 years later I look forward to my hour meditation practice both morning and night to keep me balanced as I go within for answers instead of looking for them outside myself. 

The time it took me to create my meditation practice was absolutely worth it as it is the foundation to my peaceful heart.


I have taken all that I have learned and experienced over the past 20 years and applied it to simplifying an easy process to quiet your mind effortlessly.


Every time I start a new anything it feels impossible but consistent baby steps in the direction of my goal opens up opportunities I did not even imagine and meditation is a good example. 

When I started with the goal of 1 min meditation all I wanted was some peace in my mind, to help myself not feel so overwhelmed and worried, I just craved a little relief.


So through many tears and frustration feeling like I could never achieve that goal I just kept moving forward and when I achieved that goal of 1 min I felt so happy and I did have a little peace so I went for 5 mins and then 10 mins and kept adding 5 mins to the time and this is what I meant by more possibilities then I could imagine. Each day it was easier to get into that quite space to reset so I can start the day with a clear mind but that all began with one choice to just begin where I was, in the middle of my messy loud mind, 1 min at a time 😉

I named my business Above 540 because that is the vibration of JOY on the energetic vibration scale and in all my offerings and in every area of my life, that is my goal, to live and guide others to live in JOY. I truly feel that as you give yourself the opportunity to quiet your mind, effortlessly let go of the mind chatter and open your mind to easily receive solution based ideas and then add in gratitude and sparkle and you have the recipe to create a joyful life. 

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